It’s official, I have launched my own business ~Tao Spa Solutions!

I am a spa & wellness consultant & health coach through Dr. Sear’s L.E.A.N. Wellness Institute. Specializing in taking existing businesses to greater levels along with coaching expecting mothers and families on how to choose healthful nutrition for their growing babies, you can learn more at I am excited about the possibilities and the opportunity to work with others through my passion of health and mindful connection.




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Seven months and my daughter is crawling, pulling herself up on everything and cutting a tooth…boy does she have a lot going on in her world.  My world is quite boring in comparison.  Such a fun time for Mommy and Daddy! 

Infant Car Seat Cover


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Wow, it only took me 7 months but I finally found a cotton car seat cover for my Graco infant Snug Ride car seat. I have been disappointed all this time that my car seat was plastic and vinyl. My daughter sweats so easily when she is napping. Now she will ride in style and comfort!

I must say I am suprised more of these covers are not out there in the market. Especially if car seat makers are delivering non breathable plastic or super hot plush materials in our car seat options.

I just installed my The Peanut Shell car seat cover and love it! Thank you The Peanut Shell for making such a beautiful and functional product for my baby!

Organic Blueberries & Baby-Led Weaning


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I tried blueberries on my little one’s high chair tray this morning. She had fun with them and loved the texture. She only actually ate one small piece. I am experimenting with the Baby-led Weaning approach to eating